we all speak the same language
when it comes to smiles and tears,
laughs and love, pain and hunger,
triumphant cheers of celebration

the glory of redemption or heartfelt eyes,
showing grateful appreciation.

(well, perhaps even math too. after all,
there is cosmic magic in numbers
and the quantum infinity
which they attempt to describe)

these universal connections
express our true humanity
(they’re hidden not
by pursuits of ego or vanity)

we need no other sign
when someone winces in pain
we all cry when someone close to us dies

the sound of rain needs no translation
no more is needed to be said
when a sunflower reaches to the sky
smiles to the sun

a solitary bird, perched atop a branch
can capture all of our’s attention
it can enrapture us by merely moving it’s beak
yet while it’s words are unknown,
from the plains of the prairies
to the shores of Shanghai,
it’s song is music to us all

a dove will always speak it’s truth
a lamb can tell no lies

what does your heart speak?
have you let it find its true voice?

untether yourself
from the dogma and expectations
of what you think others might want
hold back no more!

what connects us unites us
speak your universal love
show the world and reveal
your flawed and gnarly self

it’s what we all want to hear


{photography by jennifer picard photography}
*inspired by Alan Watts

all that we are is the result of what we have thought

like a bland pot of soup
your mind can be tasteless
or become over-seasoned
with too much in the mix

but the meal is not spoiled
it can be recovered and reclaimed
with a little care and attention
it can be made to taste
like the heavens again

when missing certain ingredients
flavour it with the freshest of herbs
to balance the discourse
and silence the deceit
add an ounce of compassion
a cup of love, a dash of good intent
add a dollop humility
increase it’s nutrional consistency
with a bunch of mindful endeavours
(but first you must remove those dirty bits
attached and dangling from their root)

spring its palate to life
appreciate each item on its own
allow each taste to find their dance
together, united
combined, enhanced

simmer until compassion turns transparent
stir with generosity until greed runs clear
pass through a colander
remove unwanted expectations
thoughts left chewy, uncooked or unwise

like each pot, each self is unique
and no two minds the same
what you put in, is what you’ll get out
flavour your life with mindful awareness
cast aside ego and doubt
garbage in, garbage out


What we see is an illusion, what we don't see is reality.

what we see is an illusion
what we don’t see is reality
truth hidden

worlds forever unknown
opportunities denied

your mind is infinite
do you understand the veracity of that?
can you fathom
the incomprehensible vastness
of the potential expanse of our every waking thought?
seemingly impossible,
our minds go on forever, inwardly
to limits unreachable and unknown

i’m bored!

vow right now
to never again utter these two words
for if and when they escape your lips
’tis a sign you’ve given up
you desire to explore no more
curiosity, growth and wonderment
latent untapped abilities and wisdom
life’s purpose, ignored

silence the autopilot
awaken mindful awareness
depart the swarm
flee the herd
perceive the many worlds around
for at our very feet
man unseen microcosms abound
oceans of potential
washed across a midnight sky
universes of hope
ache to glimpse a fragment of its scope

listen, watch and learn
question, ponder, dream
with all your heart’s intent

accept no more
the expectation
to be hand fed mindless amusement
or empty entertainment that just wastes away
our irreversible, passing days

give life its meaning
explore inwardly
wonders never cease
continually, be amazed


we lose ourselves in the things we love

inconsequential to some
it’s those micro moments
where true contentment comes from

like when we lose track of time
in doing those tiny little tasks
fun to us, perhaps
while painful to others, i’m sure
but it’s there, wherein we find
we can finally remove our masks

unfettered happiness
is found right there
in the joy of the moment
lost in blissful abandon
and in giving yourself completely
to the present,
to the now we’re all in
without judgement
or over-thinking
or self-imposed critique
or critical analysis of what others may speak

genuine smiles
seen for many miles
can be found
anytime and anywhere
when lost in a moment
found, everywhere


work to become not to aquire
this truth
is centuries old
comes from within
and not through
things you behold
or in the riches you to win

egoic desires
powered by greed
leave an unfulfilled need
an emptiness inside
which no riches can hide

taint not your goals
by the selfish quest for want
pursue instead
for what’s genuinely true
inside of you


it is easy to believe we are each waves

a wave
indistinct on its own
is never alone
for it needs its water around it
to give itself a home

we differ not
we’re each
a piece of the whole
relying upon each other
more than our virtues will ever extol

we are each
beautiful and unique

a complimentary part
of one shared and beating heart
spinning on this communal speck of dust
dangling in spacial wanderlust


"walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet" - Thich Nhat Hanh
steps of mindfulness

a path to happiness
each of our mortal moments
the oft considered mundane

silence and gratitude
stills the mind
from noise of the insane
it creates a space
a quiet place
for happiness to exist
once again

thoughtful contemplation
of the intricate and infinite
in each moment
as we’re in it
our quantum reality
the beauty
of our most intimate domain


Somedays My Waters, by Brian Thompson 2013

my waters are choppy
my thoughts
they crash upon my shores
like endless waves
eroding my sense of calm

the ripples across the surface
they distort my placid perception
scattering random ribbons of light
obscuring reality’s reflection

but i know
i must be still inside
centered and serene
i must be aware
and realize
that every day has its night
and every night has its day
and if i muster the strength
and weather the storm
the sea will soon settle
revealing a shimmering moon
rise again tonight